Practical Results through Creative Thinking

Plustech - viser nogle af sine ODS kayak opgaver




This is an ISS Subsea structure built and installed before drilling of exploration well.

I have designed this when I had an assignment for in FMC


I have several years experiense from different subsea projects.


This is the TOTAL, Pazflor, Subsea Separation Units (SSU)

I worked as a project Engineer for FMC on the SSU mostly on the suction anchor and intermidiate frame.


I have worked in many areas around the wind industri.

in short can mentioned:


- Tower:

- Parametric tower- and internals design in Creo.

- Written specifications for Tower Service Lift.

- Platform load setup for FEA.

- Test setup in tower for Service Lift test in special invirioment.

- HSEA and rescue plan from Service Lift.

- Foudation, cage and cable interface.


- Nacelle:

- Main shaft design.

- Brake disk covering

- Hoist design

- Corver design

- Cabling.

- Generator.


- Hub:

- Hub design.

- Spinner design.