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Subsea Control moduls - SCM

This is an ISS Subsea structure built and installed before drilling of exploration well.

I have designed this when I had an assignment for in FMC


I have several years experiense from different subsea projects.

This is the TOTAL, Pazflor, Subsea Separation Units (SSU)

I worked as a project Engineer for FMC on the SSU, mostly on the suction anchor and intermidiate frame.


At FMC's control R&D I hold several position first as designer where I worked at most control products, but special the Hydraulick Manifold have to be maetioned as one the more conplex task I had.

Later I was Senior Designer with responsible for around 15 designers. Where workload handling and checking there work was major task. Also inspection at workshop doing production of new new SCMs.


Controlling the flow of oil from a well is the function of a piece of equipment known as a Christmas tree. In the case of a deepwater well, it sits on the sea floor where external pressures can be up to 15,000 psi. Manufacture of the hydraulic nerve centre of the apparatus, the subsea control module or SCM, to withstand the extreme environment is crucial to safe and successful operation at the wellhead.


I have worked in almost all areas around the wind industri.

in short can mentioned:


- Tower:

- Parametric tower- and internals design in Creo.

- Written specifications for Tower Service Lift.

- Platform load setup for FEA.

- Test setup in tower for Service Lift test in special invirioment.

- HSEA and rescue plan from Service Lift.

- Foudation, cage and cable interface.


- Nacelle:

- Main shaft design.

- Brake disk covering

- Hoist design

- Corver design

- Cabling.

- Generator.


- Hub:

- Hub design.

- Spinner design.


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