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Practical Results through Creative Thinking

More than Mechanical Construction

Practical Results through Creative Thinking


  Over more than 18 years, clients have trusted Plustech to effectively integrate creativity and practicality to help make their projects successful. We bring a positive mindset and collaborative attitude, together with being frontrunner in terms of products and services provided that are reliable and safe for the intended users.

We are passionate about what we do; We strive to offering cost-effective, innovative and practical solutions without any compromise in quality. what’s best for our client is always at the forefront of our thinking. We succeed when our clients succeed!

"We are 2nd to our Customers"

Jørgen Ditlev

Areas where we have assisted our clients:

- Wind industry

- Offshore industry

- Metal industry

- Building industry

Services we have assisted our clients with:

- Consultancy at customer site as Project manager or Senior Designer.

- Product design from idea to finished product using industry leading 3D software.

- Tool Design and Construction of mould-, sheetmetal-, vacuum- and deepdrawing tools.

- HSE risk assessment, FAI and Field test.

- Renderings, Photos, 3D-Animations, Field measurements,

- 3D Printing.

- At our workshop:

     - Produce prototypes in metal and plastic, and small series production.

     - Manufacturing productiontools such as fixture, punching tools, deepdraw tools, etc

     - Conducting small scale test both for wind and Building industry.


Our KISS Checklist used in all our activities to constantly obtain our high quality:


Design for Manufacturability


Design for Procurement


Design for Supply Design


Design for Flexibility


Design for Reliability


Design for Safety


Design for Serviceability


Design for Sustainability

(KISS: Keep it stupid simple!)

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